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Todd Willhoite has been helping people with their legal issues since 1991.

Willhoite Law, PLLC can help you with the following legal areas:

At first glance, some of these areas of law may not appear related, but we have found over the years that they work well together. As an example lets suppose a person is hit and injured by another driver while running an errand for work. The injured person has a Workers’ Compensation claim for their injuries. They also have what is called a third party claim against the driver that hit them. The third party claim is handled similar to most other personal injury claims. If the injury is serious enough to prevent the person from working in the future, then that person may also have a claim for Social Security Disability. If the injury prevents the person from taking care of themselves, then a guardianship may need to be filed and a guardian appointed for them. The injured person may need to have a special needs trust established for them, or had the injury been severe enough to result in the person’s death, then a probate may be needed. As you can see, one accident could require legal representation in one or more areas for which we focus on helping our clients.

We are prepared to handle the complicated case, and any matter that just involves one area of our practice. If our client’s legal matter involves an area we do not handle, we are quick to either team up with other attorneys that can bring the expertise needed, or to refer the client to another attorney that can handle their specific need.

Willhoite Law, PLLC  in Claremore, Oklahoma pride ourselves in offering small town service, with the expertise and competency you may only expect from a big city firm.

Todd Willhoite, Attorney at Law, represents client in Oklahoma and nationwide.