Car Wrecks In Oklahoma

When we buckle up to drive, having a wreck is not usually on our mind. How often do wrecks occur? In Oklahoma in 2017 there were 10,089 car wrecks according to the State of Oklahoma Safety Office. Most of those accidents were non-incapacitating, but 613 people died in wrecks in 2017.

In Tulsa County there were 2,125 car wrecks in 2017, of which 352 resulted in at least one person being incapacitated. By comparison, Rogers County had a total of 275 wrecks with 62 that incapacitated at least one person. At the city level, our home town of Claremore had 65 wrecks and fortunately no fatalities in 2017.

It is not uncommon to see people who appear to be distracted when driving. Distracted drivers, instead of paying attention to their driving and the safety of others, caused 14 wrecks in Claremore, 44 wrecks in Rogers County and 174 wrecks in Tulsa.

Our office has compiled the following data about wrecks in Oklahoma for 2017 from the State of Oklahoma Safety Office:

Oklahoma Crashes in 2017

Tulsa County2,125693521,704
Rogers County275962204

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