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Content written for Willhoite Law, PLLC.

When you’re looking for a Claremore law firm consider Willhoite Law PLLC. The owner, Todd Willhoite, has been a resident of Claremore Oklahoma all of his life. Todd graduated from Claremore high school, went off to the University of Tulsa for his undergraduate degree. Mr. Willhoite attended the University of Oklahoma law school and graduated there.

Following law school Todd was anxious to return to his home town of Claremore. He opened up his law practice in a building where the Rogers county courthouse is now located. Since 1991 Todd Willhoite has been helping individuals with their legal problems.

This Claremore law firm is very proud to be located in Rogers County Oklahoma. Todd‘s first office was located on land that was once owned by Will Rogers. After his death his wife deeded the Landyn eventually a building was built on the property where Abby Law offices began.  Abby Law offices eventually became the a.k.a. of Willhoite law PLLC.

This Claremore law office is known for helping people with a variety of legal issues. They help people who’ve been injured whether that be in a vehicle accident, or some other type of injury that was caused by the negligence of another. They also help people who have been hurt while on the job.  This area of law known as Worker’s Compensation has been a significant part of their past experience.

When you’re looking for someone to help you with your estate planning whether you’re considering I will I trust her other estate planning documents this Claremore law firm has helped many people in these areas.  In this area of law we are considered more counselors of the law. Part of our job is to educate people on all the different tools that are available when they’re looking at their estate plan.

This Claremore law firm is proud of the Native American history in the area. Some of this pride is displayed in the artwork in our conference room that the pics several scenes with Native Americans. We also have authentic arrows made by a Cherokee artist out of Talaquah.

Some other local pride issues revolve around Claremore’s history.  Claremore native Lynn Riggs who wrote green grow the lilacs had his book turned into the popular musical Oklahoma. On Lynn Riggs Boulevard you will find Claremore law firm Willhoite law PLLC.  One of the buggies from the play sit down in the Claremore library for many years. Now that buggy resides in the Claremore Museum of history.

The town was founded at the crossing of two railroad tracks. Today that history remains in the forefront as numerous trains can be heard going down either of the railroad tracks. Claremore law firm is located not far from the Burlington northern Santa Fe railroad tracks.

Being a graduate of Claremore high school, the attorney in the Claremore law firm can often be seen at local high school sporting events.  At most Friday night football games he will see him in the stands. Often he can be found at the Claremore high school basketball games. And on more than one occasion you will see him either at a wrestling match or watching the zebras as they compete on the track field.

This Claremore law firm began in 1991 with an address on Patti Page Blvd, the road named after the famous singer and entertainer from Claremore.  Although we’ve never had a direct tie with this famous former residence of Claremore, it seems these residents leave an impact on our city. Or some may say the city creates an influence on these world famous individuals.

Todd Willhoite has been a resident of Claremore for over 50 years and has seen a lot of history take place and heard a lot of stories of the past. Obviously he likes the city as he has chosen it as a place to raise his family. It has been a pleasure to help numerous residents of Claremore with their wills and trusts, powers of attorneys, and other estate planning documents. Is also very fulfilling to represent people who have been injured, many times unable to work, and with medical bills mounting up but always a need for a good competent Legal Services. We have provided that often in the past and continue each provided on a daily basis each and every one of our clients whether they’ve been with us for years or brand.

When you’re looking for a Claremore Law Firm you know that choosing us you will have a law firm that has long establish roots in the community. These routes also provide benefits for finding information that others may not know. For example once we were contacted by some people who had an issue with title to some mineral rights. Their relatives had passed away over 20 years ago. The people who originally handled the estate had passed away themselves. But with one phone call, by knowing the history, knowing of the deceased person and who that person probably would have used for their attorney Todd Wilhoite was able to locate a will that was decades-old. They were then able to proceed to probate with the will and establish the proper ownership for the oil and gas mineral rights. Had another Law Firm been used which did not have deep roots, but did not know about the deceased person, and did not know where to look for this long lost will The Heirs would have been heard additional expense or perhaps the property would have been distributed to those people who were not rightfully entitled to it percent to the will. It helps to have an attorney who’s established in the area and has been practicing law for many years. From the simple process of practicing law on a daily basis year in and year out many different skills and knowledge acquired.

As a lawyer in Claremore we have helped many of our fellow citizens. Often these people have been helped at with critical issues during their life. When you need a Claremore Law Firm please give us a call at 918-341-3101.