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Estate Planning Lawyer provides suggestions and legal actions in terms of defence land and properties, alleviating estate taxes, preparing power of attorney, etc. The lawyer also works with a family crisis, business problems. Our lawyers provide all kinds of estate planning law service in your issue. They can protect you from any uncertain and unwanted incidents from the very beginning. They will assist you in funding assets so that it could be turned into a revocable living trust when needed. Willhoite Law, PLLC can be your best bet of getting the man of action you need at this time.

Preparing a power of attorney for the dear clients is one of the most significant tasks for our estate planning lawyer. Power of Attorney will permit a nominated individual who can handle your property faithfully on behalf of you, and that includes both broad and limited authority as per your wish. In this case, the lawyer of Willhoite Law releases you from the inconvenience of the hassle of preparing all proper documents, and time delay. A power of attorney is also applied to the medical decisions; like who will become your medical proxy in case of an emergency, etc. Our lawyers will help get legal documentation for both instances of power of attorney.

They will also help you lessen any unnecessary costs. You might fear that our attorneys are costly, but that is not the case here, the fact is, you can lose far more money as an aftermath by your estate due to various legal issues just because you wanted to cut the cost of hiring the best attorneys from us even though we are very reasonable in our prices. The lawyers have good experience in managing the process of preparing a power of attorney within a short time. They will also guide you in what is possible and in case you become mentally unable to take care of yourself, they will plan for someone to do that too. In the event of your wish to let someone else look after your affairs, our lawyer will help you to get rid of any unnecessary guardianship issues. 

A family crisis is a prevalent issue in our society such as divorce, a prenuptial agreement, who gets the childcare, distribution of family property, last will, and testament, etc. These problems are handled with brilliance by our experienced estate planning lawyer smoothly and fairly. Divorce happens with the consent of both parties in general. However, all-time, the situation is not the same, and people go to a lawyer to take proper action. When a divorce occurs, various issues rises such as assets distribution, responsibility for raising children and so other problems which should be solved promptly and our best lawyer dealing your case has the best chance to ensure your win. We will release you from the pressure of making the legal procedure of divorce.

Distribution of family assets should be done properly and thoughtfully because any fault here wreaks havoc in the relationship of family members. Land and property distribution laws have various branches all of which may seem to be very difficult to understand to you as a generally law-abiding citizen but for not being a law practitioner. To do the distribution of the assets with proper law, you can take help from us, the Willhoite Law, PLLC.  The estate planning lawyer with our firm is quite well versed in the state laws and also up to date too because you do not want your state plan to be invalid by the judge.

Life of anyone can fall in uncertainty, and the person may become incapable of expressing decision about him or her. On that time, an individual trusted person needs who can decide for the incompetent patient. In this case, the person taking responsibility should be honest and responsible. To make a healthy decision by a trusted person, a legal agreement is signed by both people which is called healthcare proxy. The deal has no financial issue. It gives only the power of deciding patient health and death in case of an emergency where the patient is unable to provide rational decision or something like that type of claims. A certification from a physician or medical doctor is needed for drafting the health care proxy. Our experienced estate planning lawyers manage all the proper documents to prepare the health care proxy and briefs the procedure, pros and cons of the agreement. It will give you tranquility because you know that someone is there who will take care of your incapable time with proper responsibility.  

If you think that you are very old and do not possess much of an asset to make an estate plan, then, please, think again, it won’t hurt to find out your options. Your goal may differ from another person, but do not worry, our lawyers will suggest you best, and the rest is totally up to you. Some of our clients wish to include their issues and other family relatives in their trusts while others want to distribute their assets to various charities etc. Our lawyers will help materialize your dream, assure the fine and chronological management of your assets, carry out your last wishes even if you are not on this earth anymore, sad truth but a must face reality for all of us. 

So, be assured today and be sure of it, make peace with yourself knowing that if you die, things will go just as you wished for them if you take our help. And can you put money on that peace? So, fix your goal and knock at the Willhoite Law, PLLC, we will pick up on the other side and get your dream to materialize. So do not hesitate to make a call to us to learn much more about us and what we can do for you. We hope you will want to call and you will without wasting any more time. Do that and eventually both you as well as your family will be pleased that you made the right call.