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This Article written for Willhoite Law, PLLC

You may ask what is the purpose of an injury lawyer and how do you know if you need one? Well firstly anyone who has suffered an injury would be wise to take professional legal advice and guidance right away. Willhoite Law, PLLC will happy to help you in your injury case. We have a team of experienced and trained lawyers that are experts in the field of injury cases.

It is your legal right to take compensation and by not asking legal advice there is a chance that you may be duped. When processing claims a large number of insurance companies will offer the modest minimum payment and your entitlements may be much higher than what is initially being given to you. Once an offer is accepted, it may restrain your chances of making additional claims that you may be allowed to. With this in mind, taking legal advice early can make a big difference to your compensation pay-out and it will help you in the further procedures of the court.

A minor injury can also affect you and your life in many ways. It is all about being properly compensated for your losses, expenses and for your pain and suffering. You are also legally allowed for compensation if there has been negligence involved. All this compensation may belong to you if you are open and receptive to this avenue of support, after all, it is legally and rightfully yours and it is available if you choose to take it.

If you have received an Assessment notice from Work Cover do not sign until you ask legal advice from an injury lawyer. If you sign that notice, that means you may not be allowed to  proceed with a common law claim which is worth much more to you and will compensate you much more sufficiently.

We should know our legal rights so that we can be properly compensated under the laws in our individual state or region. Free legal advice is available for everyone. So you can find your legal right to compensation and find out how the compensation claims process works.

At what point do you need a lawyer? The answer is right away. You should consult one as soon as possible after your injury and they will evaluate your case to decide if you need the professional services of an injury lawyer or an injury law firm.

If it found that you require one then your case may be taken on a no win no fee basis which means you don’t need to worry about the fee if you lose your case. Consult a lawyer who gives free legal advice so it doesn’t cost you anything and you will become more aware of how the compensation claims process works.

Injury Case Example:

You have had a work injury, you have broken arm from a fall caused by a co-worker larking around. You may have ruinous medical bills and recuperating charges to pay in addition to the loss of income while taking off from employment due to injury. You have notified your company and have completed all the important paperwork to claim workers compensation. Everything is fine. You are healing at home. You are able to cover day to day living expenses and bills while on work cover payments. So why should you need to ask expert legal advice from a lawyer?

For one, you may be entitled to a much higher compensation pay-out with further claims outside workers compensation. Additional claims that you may be entitled to may be one that relates to the negligence of your work colleague. This is a separate claim known as a ‘common law claim’ and is normally awarded in the form of a lump sum payment.

You may be able to claim for another type of compensation that is permanent impairment. There is a possibility that you may not experience a complete recovery from your injury and this is an important part to take into consideration as you may have limited mobility or constant health issues. The healing process will rely on the severity and extent of the break. For more severe breaks a much longer recovery period is expected. As a result, you may not be ready to return to your current job for some time, may require physiotherapy, or may have to hire home help.

If this is you, will you really want the services of an injury lawyer? Most definitely. There are various different claims that will need to be retained and the services of a good lawyer are needed.

The answer to the next part of the question; what is the role of a lawyer is quite simply to get the compensation that you legally and lawfully deserve. A lawyer will:

  • He/she will offer you legal advice and review your case and advise you of your claim entitlements.
  • He/she will communicate with the insurer included and fight for the maximum compensation amount available to you.
  • Involve medical expertise to evaluate your injuries if required.
  • He/she will prepare a schedule of everything that is required for your claim entitlements.
  • He/she will negotiate and settle your claim to ensure you get what is legally and rightfully yours by law.

You may or may not need the services of a lawyer but you will never know your entitlements unless you are consulted by them. By getting that first point of contact you will know where you stand and what you need to do.

The services of a skilled and well-qualified injury lawyer can be worth a choice for you if you want to get the claim settlement and you have the best opportunity of being properly and fairly compensated. Find your legal right to compensation by contacting a lawyer without any delay.

Claim Lawyers are specialized in compensation claims including workers compensation for work injury claims, personal injury claims, car accident claims, mine injury claims and liability claims. Most of the lawyers provide free legal advice for compensation. They take cases on a no win no fee basis so everyone has access to the legal services regardless of their financial situation. They make sure that their clients get the compensation they legally and legitimately deserve.