Oklahoma Statute of Limitations for Car Wrecks

When you have a car wreck a clock starts running on how long you have to either settle your claim for damages, or file a lawsuit.  In Oklahoma the statute of limitations, at the time of writing this article, is two years.  12 O.S. 95  If you have not settled your case within the two years, or filed your petition for a civil suit, then you could lose all your rights to ever recover anything.  Do not wait too long.  If the wreck involves the negligence of the government or their employees, the statute of limitations could be only one year. There may be exceptions under certain circumstances, but don’t wait to find out if you meet an exception.

There are practical reasons to get an attorney sooner rather than later.  It is much easier to locate witnesses and gather evidence earlier than it may be later.  For instance, measurements and photos of skid marks involved may help prove fault.  Over time the skid marks will fade away, along with their usefulness in proving fault.  Photos of the vehicles involved in the accident, before they are repaired, can help potential jurors and insurance adjusters visualize the severity of the impact.  Photos and videos of a victim in the hospital can convey  what the person endured as a result of the accident.

There are legal time limits on recovery called statutes of limitations, but there are also practical limitations from waiting too long to get legal representation.  The more evidence which is gathered from the beginning, the better your story can be told and evaluated by adjusters and jurors helping to make sure you receive full value for your claim.  Oklahoma attorney Todd Willhoite can help you tell your story and make sure you receive fair compensation.