Personal Injury Attorney | Choosing an attorney

When choosing a personal injury attorney, it is a very important decision that you make curious. All attorneys inform for form services the same way period. Some attorneys have experience in different areas of law. You want to make sure that the attorney you choose knows the area of law that concerned you. The location of the attorney may or not be as big a concern. We have represented clients who have had accidents at other states. We have represented clients who are out of state and have legal matters in Oklahoma. You also want to make sure that your attorney is not too busy to give case the attention that it needs.

Sometimes people hire in a law firm and they never meet their personal injury attorney until they show up at court.  I don’t know about you, but that’s not the kind of service that I would like. I would like to be able to meet my attorney and informed the attorney of the important facts of my case and work with that attorney to make sure nothing is overlooked. Sometimes an attorney can be very good at litigation to have no experience in the medical aspects of your case. Do you want an attorney who’s represented people that have had similar injuries to you?

For instance, does your personal injury attorney understand the anatomy of the spine? Commonly we have clients who may injure their next for their backs and are describing symptoms that we can have them ask their doctor about to clarify what their condition is. Making sure that they get the treatment they need. The amount of money a client receives for their claim is important, but getting well is equally important. Trying to get a full recovery back to the condition you were in before is something that money just can’t buy. We’ve had cases in worker’s compensation where the other side has delayed treatment and that delay could make a situation worse period. For instance, if someone had a shoulder injury, they might be able to get by with having treatment of physical therapy or manipulation under anesthesia of their shoulders.

Without that treatment, the condition could get much worse. In fact, it could get to the point where they ended up having to have surgery for something that could’ve been prevented as they simply received physical therapy early in there.

Many times a client may be describing to their personal injury attorney certain symptoms that indicate something more is going on than just strains or sprains associated with a whiplash. Of course, the doctor is the best person to evaluate that condition that sometimes a person will get a treatment in a hospital and the hospital will send them home with some muscle relaxers and pain medication and then that seems to help initially, but as time goes on, maybe they start feeling pain or numbness. You only down an arm or a leg indicating they may have some kind of problem with the disc in their back or neck. Some people may be tough and just not wanting to go to the doctor, but that can be a decision that can harm them in the long run. For instance, if the medical records at the hospital and a doctor’s visit shortly thereafter indicate muscle strain and sprain, typically referred to as whiplash, that person, they think that they should go ahead and settle their case and get it over with, but if they settled too soon before the before the injury is fully evaluated, nice, settled before they can recover the money necessary surgery. If it turns out they’ve got, a lot of times we’re looking at the symptom, you have to remember the anatomy of the verb, right run up and down the spine that protect the spinal cord and how those vertebrae are separated I soft tissue disks. Those disks work as shock absorbers in between each of the vertebrae. Damage to the disc may not be readily apparent close to the time of the accident.

It’s very possible that had guests could be injured in a wreck, but it’s a slight tear that does not reduce symptoms immediately. However, as time goes on, maybe weeks, maybe months, they may leak and cause a bulge that eventually goes out and pushes on the spinal cord. You should talk to your personal injury attorney before you decide to settle your case.  It’s important not to settle your case before you know the full extent of your injuries. Typically in Oklahoma we have a two year statute of limitation for an injury that occurs in a car wreck course. That statue of limitation is subject to change depending upon how you were injured and possibly the legislature may change that after this article was written. Generally when we’re talking about the statute of limitations, that is how long you have to either settle your case or file a lawsuit before you can never recover for those damages.

Definitely don’t want to wait until after the statute of limitations or even close to that deadline before you file a lawsuit or settle your case, but by the same token, you don’t want to rush into a settlement for you know what your injuries are. Period. There may be times when you have a severe injury that you may fall asleep and not knowing what the full extent of your injuries are. In those cases, you don’t want to proceed forward in the lawsuit or at least go to trial until there is a good idea or at least a reasonable medical expected outcome. For instance, the doctors believe that this is going to be the case. However, there are also times when a person may have medical maintenance going on for years and years and years. It is possible for your personal injury attorney to estimate what the expenses will be in the future and to get compensation from the present value of those future costs associated with your injury.