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Medical evidence is needed for the doctor to make a medical opinion based upon a reasonable degree of medical certainty of which one underlying serious accident. The reason we’re talking about what’s this ball just because that can lead to a back surgery and the back surgeries can be quite expensive as a personal injury attorney knows. ¬†Also, that could lead to limitations.

For instance, if they do a back surgery and they have to do a fusion between those disks, the doctor takes out the damaged disc and causes the two vertebrae to be fused together. Basically putting bones, or bone like substances in between. They’re causing the two vertebrae to grow together. Now those vertebrae do not flex like they did when they had that soft between them. There is loss of range of motion and this may over time cause above and below to have an injury. Whenever you fuse the two vertebrae together, it, it is the motion between those this to none. Now the disc above and below, if you’re going to be bending as far as you were before, those discs are going to be having to take more wear and tear because they’re going to have to dig in further and they’re going to be a little more susceptible to injury. So depending upon where the disc or fused you may, he had an increased risk of failure below. Above or below the fused vertebrae.

These are things that you’re experienced personal injury attorney should know about and be able to advise you and monitor your medical progress. Of course, monitor which doctors you’re going to direct you to, other doctors if needed or find ways to help pay the medical expenses during the pendency of your lawsuit. A lot of cases are able to be settled without having to file a lawsuit. Each case should be treated as if it is going to be presented in front of the jury because you need to gather the evidence and have that available. If you need to exercise option, if the insurance adjuster realizes you don’t have all the evidence you need to present the case to the jury, that’s going to severely decreased the value of your case.

When you’re the victim of someone else’s negligence, you’re wanting to be made whole. You don’t want to do things that could prevent you from receiving the most money that comes to close to make home. Of course, I think most people would agree, no amount of money is a legitimate substitute or compensation for a serious injury, but the decisions on the compensation or things that are going to affect you and your family over a long term, so you need to make important informed decisions and not just be emotional and say, I want to get it over with, or allow financial hardships to cause you to make unwise financial decisions just to get a little bit of money today and suffer a loss of much compensation later.

Hey, let’s talk about what can happen regarding a back injury or a neck injuries from an automobile accident. Not uncommon for someone to have a sore neck or sore back following an accident. The mechanisms involved in car wrecks seemed to commonly cause these hyperextension injuries. A lot of times we see that those injuries will resolve themselves in a month or so. It seems like a lot of the doctors treat them conservatively whenever they don’t see anything obvious that’s wrong, but consider that maybe the ligaments and tendons had been pulled in the strain and the person has soreness that will hopefully resolve on its own.

Whenever it seems like those injuries last more than 30 days, then the doctors here start thinking there might be something more serious than just some pulled muscles involved. Sometimes people don’t have any kind of neck or back pain immediately at the time of the accident. However, over time symptoms get worse and worse or develop and get worse and worse. To think about how that commonly happens, we have to think about anatomy. We have vertebrae, which are the bony substances that go up our spine and in between each vertebrae we’ve got these things called discs.

The disc allow the vertebrae to move and flex and hold the separation, the proper distance between the vertebrae.  Inside those discs they have some fluid. Now in an accident, there can be caused a small tear inside one of those discs. Your personal injury attorney can explain this in detail, but over time that fluid can leak out and push out toward the spinal court.  The leaking fluid tends to lead to a disc bulge. This bulge gets big enough, it can push out and start pushing on the spinal cord in our spinal column. That’s when people typically notice some pain in that area.

That pain can also radiate from the points of the injury. You should tell your doctor and your personal injury attorney about the pain.  Typically that pain will radiate down. A lot of times we see whenever someone has a problem with a disc and their neck, they’ll have pain that radiates down through their arms, maybe down into their hands and fingers. That pain can also be associated with numbness. The disc could push out and cause numbness on that spinal cord or the fluid in the disc could be pushing on the nerves and cause numbness or tingling instead of the pain in that area. And typically that pain radiates down. When someone has pain in the low back area, usually will radiate down to, we’re either one leg or both legs, maybe even down to the knee or even tasks and down to the feet.  

So that’s why an injury could start off where a person goes to the hospital and they don’t necessarily report as specific pain in their back or their neck, but instead maybe they just have soreness all over here. It’s been against the nuns to them, they have caused a tear and one of those that is so slight that it may take days, weeks, or months or that relief because a bold big enough to actually start pushing on a nerve and then have then experienced symptoms.  If you need a personal injury attorney you should call J. Todd Willhoite at 918-341-3101.