Personal Injury Attorney | What the witness remembers

Some people can forget certain items that occurred. This is an excellent time for a personal injury attorney to work on finding the truth.  The ability to hire an expert reconstructionist and needs to be done as soon as possible in time to when the accident occurred so that the physical evidence that’s needed to be accurate in that analysis is gathered. For instance, if you wait too long, the skid marks will be gone. If you wait too long, the car may have been destroyed or since the salvage and is no longer available to be measured and determine how much force occurred to leave to damage on the vehicle, but it’s there. There are a lot of things that can be done at the beginning of the case soon in time after the accident that our lost over the lapse of time.

One of the things she may want to do if a bull at the scene of the accident is to take photos of the vehicles, where they are and how they are. Typically people have their cell phone with them and that’s the best time to snap out some photos. As soon as the first thing you want to do is attending any medical emergency and medical needs. This can be very valuable to your personal injury attorney.  We absurd to think that the person was trapped in a car and the other person wasn’t doing what was needed to help them such as small emergency response crews and not and instead they’re around taking photos. That’s not appropriate that we all know that, but exchanging insurance information is important. Getting the names and phone numbers, addresses of any witnesses who may have seen it that are there. That’s very important. As we discussed and taking photos of where the cars are, any objects they may have hit ’em up close photos and far away of course the damage to your car. You can take photos of that after the accident?  Exchanging insurance information, and so fourth?

If there’s any chance that you may have had some part in the cause of the accident that you may want to be careful about what you say and you may not want to say anything about what occurred at the time. Getting appropriate medical treatment following the accident is very important as most personal injury attorney will tell you. One, you want to make sure that your injuries are cared for and that you don’t make them any worse. If you decide that you want to tough it out and not get treatment, that can come back to hurt you, especially if it’s several weeks before you ended up going to the doctor.

A lot of times at adjuster will ask if the person was hurt, why didn’t they go to the doctor when it occurred or the next day after, if the adjuster sees that the first time they went to the doctor was three or four or five months later, that adjuster is going to try to make the argument that something else happened from the time of the accident and to tell the person went to the doctor. Illegal Lees. We call that an intervening cause. For example, if someone was in a car wreck and then they didn’t go to the doctor for three or four weeks and then they got injured at all, lifted their couch and then that you go to the doctor and tries to tell the doctor, oh my back’s hurting. With a personal injury attorney you can follow their judgment.  Not because of the couch I lifted, which they probably wouldn’t even mention to the doctor but because of the car wreck that I have them on the go one back to the fraud and two it creates issues with your credibility.

Let’s say a person got any car wreck, they hurt their back, you have a sore, they didn’t know the doctor cause they didn’t want to pay for the ambulance ride or they didn’t want to pay for the hospital bills and the next day they wake up and it’s worse and they just don’t want to go to the doctor cause they don’t want to go to the doctor anyway. This is normal to hear for a personal injury attorney.  You got a tough it out. Maybe take some over the counter medications and as time goes by they then maybe get to fill in a little bit better. And let’s say it was one of those disc injuries where the symptoms from the bulge disc don’t show up immediately when it’s a small bowl, but ever time as it gets bigger and bigger because it’s a big ball and then it starts pressing on the nerves and then it gets to a point where you can’t ignore it any longer. Let’s say if that person had three months go by before they got to that point and that was the first time they showed up to your doctor. Like I said, the adjuster will first say, well, what happened in between those three months? Because they never went to a doctor before and then three months later they show up to the doctor for the first time.

Let’s say that same person had all those same symptoms. They got the same injury and then they have to be lifting the couch at home and they got a little bit of a twinge and they’re back from lifting the couch, but it wasn’t a serious injury. It was just maybe a pulled muscle. Well now, how can a doctor or a jury tried to apportion out how much of their back pain is from the original car wreck and how much of it is from lifting the couch? If that same person had gotten to the doctor immediately and they had a record of having back pain and then they had a record with some medical treatment of where they did pull her back to lifting the couch, but then the doctor says it’s back to normal and then later the disc bulge starts causing serious symptoms. They’ve got a better shot of trying to relate the disc bulge to the accident with the car wreck than they do with the other scenario where they didn’t have any treatment beforehand. It still becomes a medical call and sometimes we never know what caused the disc bulge was car wreck or was it to lifting up the couch.