Personal Injury Attorney | What They are Good At

This content written for Willhoite Law, PLLC.

Stop for a second. Think about it. There are way too many accidents happening right now. And not just accidents. We’re talking about injuries. It could be physical or emotional injury.

At times like these, it’s best to know a personal injury attorney. They know how to deal with problems like these. So if you’re ever in a bind, you know you have someone you can count on.

But how do you know if you need a personal injury attorney? After all, it’s not that easy to know when you need one. Not all of us are legal experts.

Well, we can give you a few scenarios. You can use some of these to decide if you need a personal injury attorney.

Here’s one of the most common ones. You are driving on your way home. It is a nice Tuesday evening. Suddenly, a car crashes into you. Luckily, your airbag deploys in time. But one of your arms are broken.

Police come after a witness calls them. The witness is emphatic. They tell the officers on scene that you are the victim. They tell the police that you observed your right of way. As it turns out, the other driver is at fault. In this case, you need a personal injury attorney.

Here’s another one. You are sitting in the park, relaxing with your girlfriend. Or maybe you’re married and out with the kids. You see someone walking their dog. You smile indulgently at them. You think it would be nice to walk a dog too.

But then, the dog breaks free. They make a run into you, into your girlfriend, or into your kids. You all run for cover, avoiding the dog’s now vicious teeth by a hair. You are fortunate that no one is hurt physically. But imagine the trauma you all had to go through. It could scar you for life.

How about this one? You are shopping for your favorite jeans in a big department store. You find the one you like, and a few others. You take them as well, and head for the cashier. You pay for your stuff and take the bag. But as you head for the exit, a guard stops you.

He suspects you of shoplifting and takes you into the office. You are subjected to an hour’s worth of interrogation. A store manager keeps on grilling you, pointing at a video. In the video, you see someone who looks like you. They even wore the same clothes. It also looks like they were sneaking something into their bag.

In the end, they find nothing concrete to pin it on you. They let you go with a warning not to try anything like it again. Or else. You just nod your head and leave. You feel you have been wronged.

A personal injury attorney can determine if you have indeed been wronged. They can find a way to hold the store liable for any emotional damage. Not to mention the time you lost due to their interrogation.

These are just some possible scenarios you might find yourself in. In each and every one, an attorney could help save you from further worries. This is when it’s a great idea to have one on your phonebook. Or your email’s list of addresses. In truth, you do not even have to go that far. If you’re lucky, you can find a lot of good ones in social media.

There was this one person who became the victim of a medical malpractice. We can’t give specific details on the case. Client confidentiality and all that. Suffice to say that they had been wronged by person operating on them. It could have been life-threatening. Other than that, they could have lost an organ or two.

Now, that person could have found some other way to make the surgeon pay. But they would have to break a few laws to do it. Thankfully, they knew a better way to get even. A lawful way. They called a lawyer they knew and went into the office for a consult.

The attorney told them that they had a case. And that case was definitely in their favor. The attorney gave them a few options they could choose from. The victim chose to sue the hospital for medical malpractice. The two sides fought a fierce battle on a couple of trials. Finally, the hospital relented and they reached a settlement.

That could have been you too. In the case of our story, the victim was lucky to have a friend for a lawyer. But not all of us have legal experts as friends or relatives. And it does not matter how much we brag that our friend, relative, or spouse is a law student. It does have “law” in it, but it also has “student” at the end.

While it’s true that a student could end up being an expert on law, what matters is the present. Not the future. And the present tells us that the student is not yet an expert. So it’s not really a good idea to ask law students for advice. To be on the safe side, you should ask a legal expert. You should ask someone who actually practices.

We can’t tell you how much trouble has been averted having a lawyer beside you. But we can tell you one thing. Now more than ever, it’s easier to get in touch with one. You don’t have to scour your yellow pages like in the old days. You don’t have to walk long miles just to find a law firm.

Now, you can just go online. You can search on Google, or on your social media. You can network with friends who know lawyers. Even better, you can look for a law firm’s official website or Facebook page. You don’t even have to spend too much time for research. Often, you can easily spot a legit law firm website from a fake one.

Great lawyers are not a dime a dozen. The best ones do cost you a bit. But in truth, you often get a worthy return on your investment. A personal injury attorney at Willhoite Law, PLLC will be able to talk to you about your case.