The loss of a loved one can be a difficult time.  J. Todd Willhoite, Attorney at Law, has been helping people through the probate process  since 1991.  Not every estate has to pass through probate.  Oklahoma has passed various laws over recent years to help people avoid the probate process in certain circumstances.  Todd Willhoite can help you determine whether an estate requires probate and either help guide you through a probate proceeding in a speedy and professional manner, or lead you through one of the out of court exceptions.

J. Todd Willhoite has assisted many people through the probate process in an efficient, uneventful manner.  Unfortunately, sometimes people try to exploit the deceased person’s estate.  Todd Willhoite has fought wrongful exploitation through trials, and when needed through appeals to the Oklahoma Supreme Court and the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals.

When faced with the loss of a loved one, you should consult an attorney who can guide a case through the probate process as efficiently as the law allows and who has the experience in handling cases when disputes arise, an attorney such as Todd Willhoite.

What is probate in Oklahoma?