Social Security Attorney | Vocational Experts and jobs available

Written for Willhoite Law, PLLC

Ask a Social Security attorney about your disability case.  They will quickly start talking about physical and mental limitations.  There’s many different types of activities or limitations, restrictions, medical conditions that prevent that person from being able to hold down employment. And it could be a disease such as Crohn’s disease. There can be varying levels of disability associated with it based solely on how it affects that individual. So for instance, from disease affect the digestive system and cause a person to have weakness. Maybe they don’t absorb the nutrients that they need to, it causes them weakness, fatigue and perhaps they have to take frequent bathroom breaks throughout the day. And if it’s at the level that would prevent them from holding down to competitive employment, then they may be entitled to get social security disability benefits as a result of that disease.

Another common activities that are common medical conditions that prevent the person from getting social security disability could include such things as herniated disc in their back and something that either with surgery or without surgery, most likely with surgery, but with a bad result or a person has chronic pain afterwards and and limited in how long they could sit for, how long they could stand or walk. What a Social Security attorney will tell you depends on their experience, but that can be something that prevents them from maintaining competitive employment. Another common injury that is seeing with people who file for social security disability is bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s where their hands that are time, graphene and holding things and perhaps they had a surgery and they still have some difficulty with fingering and handling items that may not by itself prevent a person from holding down competitive employment. But perhaps they have some other issues. Maybe they have some shoulder issues that prevented from doing overhead work and maybe they have some other issues that prevent them from doing the sit down type job. A lot of it will depend upon the age of the person. Younger individuals are expected to be able to be retrained into something they’ve never done before. For older individuals, social security recognizes may not be able to be retrained, go competitive employment.

Although social security considers someone 50 and younger to be the younger individual your Social Security attorney will tell you the specifics. Once you get over that 50 year mark, Social Security starts considering the person’s ability to be retrained. Social security also has different job classifications at persons. It has to be undeniable to do all job classifications depending upon their age. Once they get over a certain age, then it fall. I can do as a sit down job and they’ve never done that kind of work with core, then they may be entitled to get Social Security Disability based on that. Restriction or limitation.

Hey persons past experience and their education level also affect their ability to be retrained for a different job and that’s something that needs to be looked at. If someone’s say literate, then there’s less likelihood that they will be able to change it into another job if they can no longer doing heavy or new manual labor. So securities classify different types of jobs. Many Social Security attorney will explain the hardest job category or the one that requires the most level of physical fitness or considered a heavy category. Typically person’s expected to lift 50 pounds on a frequent basis and also have other categories such as medium or a person would be a theme between 20 and 50 pounds. They have light where a person who would occasionally lift up to 20 pounds frequently lift up to 10 pounds and then they have sedentary where a person would not be expected to lift more than 10 pounds.  What is a sedentary job, well one where you sit most of the time like the job of a Social Security attorney.

Vocational experts are asked questions by your Social Security attorney to determine if the jobs they mention would apply to a person with your limitations.  Vocational experts have many many pages of documents produced by the government regarding the limitations or requirements for thousands of jobs available in the United States of America. these jobs can vary from something as simple as sorting mail two jobs as complicated as being a nuclear physicist. Yes they do have what would be required for a person or at least what physical requirements they were require what kind of mental requirements they would have and how difficult it is to do that type of a job. The Vocational expert will seem to talk in code when they start naming off different numbers that are associated with different job categories. These numbers allow the judge your Social Security attorney and others to look up the specific job they’re referring to when they testify. These reference articles that the vocational experts use used to be in hard copy. You’re more likely to see them using a laptop computer to look up these jobs in modern times.

There’s also specialized groups such as the one out worker room. Whenever someone has worked in a certain job for a very, very long time and they had basically broke their body down to where they’re physically cannot do that job anymore. Then for worn out work for rural may allow them to get disability benefits even though they might be able to do less demanding jobs. As you can tell, there are a lot of specialized rules and it’s very important to have an experience, social security disability attorney of you with your case. So security typically, so security attorneys typically are paid on a contingency fee, and that is 25% of the due benefits that are typically held by social security and pay directly to the attorney and the case. Now, there’s always exceptions to what is discussed here so you should contact an experienced social security attorney like Willhoite Law, PLLC.