Social Security Disability

When you are unable to work, you and your family need someone who knows what to do. Attorney Todd Willhoite has helped hundreds of people receive disability benefits through Social Security.
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Social Security can provide a safety net to those who are unable to work due to a physical or mental condition.  Claremore lawyer J. Todd Willhoite has helped many people obtain their benefits who were first turned down for Social Security Disability or SSI.

Social Security has two programs for those who are disabled:

  • Social Security Disability, and
  • SSI

Both have the same test for disability.

Statistics from Social Security are not readily available but in 2007 sixty-five percent of those who applied for disability were initially denied benefits.  Of those people who were denied benefits, thirteen percent received benefits at the reconsideration stage.  In 2012 in Oklahoma almost 69% of applicants were denied at the initial stage and only 10.7% were allowed at the reconsideration stage.  After a denial at the reconsideration stage, the next step is to request an Administrative Law  Judge to hear the case.  Of those people who were denied initially and who were denied at the reconsideration stage, as of the latest quarter ending January 25, 2019, 62% of people previously denied received benefits from the Administrative Law Judges in the Tulsa Oklahoma office.  Of course, each case must stand on its own merits, but the point is to not give up just because Social Security initially denied your claim because you may be entitled to benefits.

Social Security has specific rules for determining whether a person is entitled to benefits.  The rules and the evidence required can be complicated.  If you have a physical or mental condition, or a combination of both, that prevents you from being able to work, then you should apply for Social Security benefits through your local Social Security office, or by calling Social Security at their phone number, 1-800-772-1213.  If you are denied benefits, you should immediately contact an attorney who is experienced and practices in the area of Social Security Disability such as J. Todd Willhoite.  Call our law office at (918) 341-3101 for a free consultation on your disability case.  If you wait too long you may lose your right to receive benefits.


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