What is the minimum auto insurance coverage in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma requires each Oklahoma driver carry a minimum insurance policy that pays up to $25,000 for bodily injury or death caused to another by the driver, but the $25,000 is limited to the insurance company paying no more than $50,000 to all the people who suffered bodily injury or death.  Additionally the minimum policy covers up to a total of $25,000 in property damage caused by the driver to another’s property in an accident. This minimum insurance coverage is often expressed as 25/50/25 (Max bodily injury or death per person / Max bodily injury or death paid per accident / Max amount paid to others for property damage [all numbers are taken times $10,000])  Of course Oklahoma drivers can carry more insurance coverage. If the bodily injury is more than the policy limits then the driver may be held personally responsible to pay what insurance doesn’t cover. There may be other sources of money if the policy limits are not enough or the driver is uninsured. Be sure to talk to an attorney about your specific situation to see what options you have.  These minimum requirements are found at 47 OS 7-103 and are current as of the date of this article which is January 2019.