A will states how a person wants their estate to be divided when they pass away.  It can also nominate who will be the guardian of their minor children.  Another important part of a will is nominating the person or persons to handle the probate process, such as going to court, gathering the assets of the deceased, finding, notifying and paying legitimate claims of creditors of the deceased.  A very important role of a will is to let relatives know the deceased’s wishes and to minimize disputes or hurt feelings that can arise when the deceased’s wishes are not made clear.

This article was written 1/20/2015 by Todd Willhoite, probate attorney in Claremore, specifically for the Oklahoma jurisdiction.  A different result may occur in a different jurisdiction and the law does change, so it is important to seek competent legal and tax advice from professionals before acting on anything written in this article.  Abby Law Offices Inc is a law office that handles probate law in Claremore, Oklahoma.