Workers comp lawyer | Should I Get One?

This content written for Willhoite Law, PLLC.

Work has become much more demanding these days. It’s no surprise that we put in more and more to get ahead. But often, the more we put in, the more risks we take. We may take up more life-threatening assignments. We may also end up logging more hours at the office.  Thinking about hiring a workers comp lawyer is not something you think about, until you are hurt.

This opens up a host of other complications. You could get sick from overwork, for one. For another, you could end up with an injury. In both of these cases, you could end up unable to work for days. In some cases, you might not get to work for weeks or even months.

We understand this. Whatever field we are in, there is always an accompanying risk. And, at times, our employers end up giving us the cold shoulder. This could build up a lot of frustration and resentment. We feel alone, seemingly without anyone to turn to.

At times like this, it is best to talk to a workers comp lawyer. After all, when your company starts ignoring you, it may be time to file a claim. You may have a just cause to do so. And who would know better than someone who specializes in that field?

An attorney  is an option workers like us should look into. This is especially true if you know next to nothing about the laws. And for most of us, this rings true. Not to mention that, with each state or country, the laws could be different. Even if we search and search on the internet, it will not be enough. All the knowledge we cram overnight won’t help us win a claim by ourselves.

But a workers comp lawyer, on the other hand, is a different one altogether. They have spent years and years in law school studying up on the law. Even better, they keep on studying or doing research long after that. It’s not something we laymen could compare to. For some, we would just be sitting in front of the computer, clicking a mouse. But they can offer much more than mere token knowledge.

A workers comp lawyer could help with the claim filing process. And if things get worse, they will appear in court with you. Your boss or a representative of your company show up, as well. They could throw whatever excuse or technicality they may think of. But as long as you are in the right, there is nothing to worry about.

A great workers comp lawyer will always find a way to make the best out of your case. And they could help with so many things. For one, they could get you compensation for medical treatment. But to make things better, let us look at a few possible scenarios below.

You work at a factory. It’s quite strenuous work, but you enjoy it. Still, the days pass and things could swing one way or the other. It finally swings in the worse way possible. One of the machines at the factory malfunctions. You pull through, but end up losing an arm or a hand.

In the end, the doctors tell you that there is nothing they can do. They can only stop the pain, but can’t bring back the lost limb. In cases like this, you may be eligible for some kind of permanent disability benefit. A lawyer could check for you and determine if you are covered. This is on top of the medical compensation that they could get for you.

But maybe what happened to you is a bit different. You might be working in a physically demanding job. But you do not lose any limbs. You do, however, get one of those limbs broken at work. You go to the doctors and find that it would take several weeks to heal. That would be quite a lot of time lost to you.

At any rate, you will end up wondering how to pay the bills. This is especially true in the case of hospital bills. Without filing a claim, it would be hard indeed. It is even doubly hard if you can’t get out of the hospital to file it. Which makes contacting that special lawyer an important matter. They would represent your interests and make sure all your legal rights are covered.

As we have mentioned before, workers comp laws can vary depending on state and country. At the core, though, there are often parallels. A good lawyer will be able to wade through and find out the differences. But if you are lucky enough to find one in the same area, then all the better. They would already be familiar with the ins and outs of the local law.

You have gone this far and are almost convinced of the need to hire a lawyer. But, of course, there is one other thing you may be worrying about. Without work, how will you pay for a lawyer? But you can rest assured when it comes to that.

This is because your lawyer takes their fee from the money you get as compensation. Often, this is a certain percentage of the total. This means that they will work harder to make sure you both get the best benefits out of it. So this is another case where getting one is a good investment.

In fact, having one in your contacts before that makes for an even better investment. We can try all we like to wrestle with insurance companies. Or even file claims of our own on our companies. But nothing beats a lawyer whose specialty lies in this field. They know all the trade secrets that we do not. After all, some of these companies will not just willingly hand over your benefits.

In the end, it could all boil down to a battle of will and endurance. It is like participating in our own little private war. Us against the companies. And what better knight could we have on our side than a lawyer we could trust in?