Wrongful Death Lawyer | You Should Know

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It is not that easy to forget about the loved one who is no more with you due to the carelessness of another individual. Perhaps he got hit by a car, or he died due to an accident in the workplace. That incident also has some collateral damages in the form of a loss of income source and medical or funeral expenses.  If you are in such a condition and want to sue the guilty party to get the compensation, you are in the right place with ‘Willhoite Law, PLLC.’ Our devoted and diligent lawyers will take a closer look at your situation and decide about the legal services you need. Our caring wrongful death lawyer can also guide you about the financial and non-financial compensation that you could recover.

Let’s make you familiar with the working of our wrongful death lawyer. Suppose you are happily living with your family. Your husband is a stockbroker, and you are living a prosperous life with your three children. One day, your husband got hit by a car while walking towards the office. He was immediately taken to the hospital, but he could not recover the injury and die. His death is unfortunate for you and your children. You are now left with a few dollars in the bank and an insurance policy. From that moment onwards, your life begins to change as you now have little money to spend on yourself and children. You are also not satisfied with the outcome and want to penalize the driver whose negligence did this to your family.  That’s where you need to consult a lawyer to help you recover financial and non-financial compensations.

It is now evident from many lawsuits that you cannot expect to have a suitable compensation for your loss of a loved one. You can, however, rely on our professional lawyer to recover the economic and non-economic loss that occurred to you by the carelessness of a guilty party. In our example, a guilty party would be the driver of a car whom you can sue for the damages. 

You can count on our legal services and can expect us to recover your expenses incurred in the form of medical charges, hospital bills, salary loss, funeral, burial, and economic loss of upcoming services that the person would have provided if he or she lived. 

The reason you need to consult our wrongful death lawyer is that he could fight for your rights in the court and can help you receive reimbursement that you deserve, being a representative of the deceased. 

You should also know that the wrongful death lawsuits are complicated and require extensive investigation before you could penalize the guilty party. The court would not accept the claim unless you proved the person guilty with supportive shreds of evidence. Therefore, to fight for your rights in wrongful death litigation, you need to consider an expert lawyer. You also need to have a look at the lawyer or the firm financial conditions. For your ease, you can ask yourself these questions. Whether the lawyer or firm has enough resources to investigate the case carefully? Based on his or her experience, will the lawyer’s expertise result in winning the case for you?  We assure you that we have resources to investigate your case thoroughly, and our lawyers are highly-qualified, experienced, and fit to fight for your rights in the court.

We have listed several occasions below where you are in a position to file a wrongful death lawsuit and get compensated. This is not a whole list of situations; you can always add circumstances where one-person negligence can result in the death of the other person.

If you have lost your loved one by a car accident and you know the driver was drunk, you can file a lawsuit against him by discussing the incident with our wrongful death lawyer. You can do the same for a driver who was at that time distracted or fatigued.

A house owner or a landlord may experiment with a harmful chemical in the vacant area or the backyard of his house. Experimenting with these chemicals is not a wrong act, but not giving a clear warning of the same to the neighbors and visitors could play with someone’s life. Hence, if you have lost someone very close to you by a disease or a reaction due to this experimentation, you are in a position to file a suit against the property owner. 

If you have a family member who is a worker and was killed in the workplace due to the negligence of a contractor, you can file a third-party liability claim on the company for the losses you have suffered.

Dog bites can be fatal to humans, and dog owners should make sure to protect other people from dog attacks. You can sue the dog owners for their negligence of not preventing a dog attack on your loved one, which has eventually resulted in his death.

A doctor is required by the law to work diligently for the protection of patient life. If you lost loved someone due to a doctor’s carelessness, you could recover the damages from him. 

To get compensation from the wrongful death suit on a guilty party, the law allows specific individuals, for example, Spouse, Child, Parents and Brother or sister, who can file a lawsuit and receive compensation. A court can also allow the lawsuit to be filed by the inheritance of the victim estate if the deceased has no surviving family members.

You can recover reasonable and fair financial and non-financial damages as a result of this suit. The most apparent compensation is hospital charges, funeral charges. However, you can also recover the loss of income that the deceased person would have earned if he was alive. You will also recover the litigation charges you paid for filing the suit. 

You cannot bring your loved one back once he or she is gone, but you can recover the related collateral damages that are associated with his or her death. This is where you can count on the ‘Willhoite Law, PLLC’ wrongful death lawyer. The knowledge, experience, and investigation of our lawyers can get you financial and non-financial compensation.